Dunbridge Financial partners with Currencycloud for FX and international payments

Dunbridge Financial, the Toronto-based international payments company, has partnered with Currencycloud to offer their customers the opportunity to hold more than 30 currencies, as well as make and receive payments from more than 180 countries.

Dunbridge Financial will offer multi-currency e-wallets in their customers’ name using Currencycloud Spark, allowing both corporates and individuals to hold multiple currencies, as well as make and receive payments from around the world.

“Currencycloud’s platform provides a strong breadth of currencies and industry-leading platform technology that will allow our customers to manage their FX exposure and move their money at a low cost, with fully transparent pricing,” said Alex Arnold, Co-founder and CEO.

“We’re really excited to partner with Dunbridge. Their leadership has a proven track record of success in the North American FX market. Improved foreign exchange rate transparency and technology will empower Dunbridge customers to operate their global receipts and payables more efficiently,” added Chris D’Antuono, Director of North America Fintech at Currencycloud.