Nice Actimize adds self-service analytics to trade surveillance system

NICE Actimize has introduced an enhancement to its SURVEIL-X Holistic Trade Surveillance solution with self-service analytics that enables clients to create, test and deploy custom analytic risk detection models.

SURVEIL-X Studio enables clients to focus on creating risk models to close coverage gaps and solve complex compliance challenges. It also features built-in integrations to data services (including trading data and market data), and common business functions and calculations (including currency conversions and market trends).

“Today, many firms are attempting to plug surveillance gaps with in-house solutions or by mixing and matching out-of-the-box products from different technology providers. These temporary measures don’t provide complete coverage and may force analysts to work in silos,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President at NICE.

“With SURVEIL-X Studio, NICE Actimize has leveraged decades of experience to create an all-in-one, self-service analytics solution tailored to the needs of financial services organizations. Firms get complete surveillance coverage without the added costs, hassles and limitations of in-house or multi-vendor solutions.”