Refinitiv expands FX post-trade analysis and compliance offering

Refinitiv has launched Refinitiv Compliance Archive (RCA), a unified compliance archive for unstructured message and trade data from over 50 sources, and is designed to help compliance teams reconstruct, oversee and efficiently analyse activity.

An expansive new archive and supervision system, Refinitiv Compliance Archive is the latest initiative in the 13-year strategic technology collaboration between Refinitiv Messenger Compliance and Global Relay, which already serves over 1,000 joint customers in finance.

Global Relay’s suite of surveillance and trade reconstruction capabilities ensures that firms maintain complete visibility into their trade and communication activities while meeting their regulatory mandates.

Global Relay consolidates an extensive range of data streams and data solutions. Refinitiv FIX feeds can be ingested, either globally or selectively at branch level, capturing the Dealing chat data along with trade data, electronic communications, and voice for full compliance and complete trade reconstruction.

“It’s currently problematic and costly for compliance teams to accurately analyse FX post-trade activity, especially given the complexity of today’s regulatory market,” said Bart Joris, Head of FX Sell-Side Trading Proposition Management at Refinitiv. “Refinitiv Compliance Archive gives compliance managers a single point for all messaging sources, making it an effective and cost-saving tool to help clients identify potential problems quickly.”